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Manufacturer of Gel Polish, Gel Polish Base, Gel Base, Hard Base, Flexi base, Gel Polish colors 5000+ colors, Gel Polish Shimmer Base, Gel Polish Base No HEMA, Gel Polish Base with vitamins, Keratin and Sweet Almond Protein, Gel Polish Base Home, Gel Polish Base Professional, Gel Top, UV/Led Gel, UV/Led Top, Dry Top, No Wipe Top, Cat Eye Base No HEMA, Neon Cat Eye Base, 9D Cat Eye Base, Sugar Base, Flash Base, Skinny Base, Light Base, Red Wave Base, Fiber Base, Fiber Base No HEMA, Foil Flake Base, Art Top, Dry Top Shimmer, Dry Top Glitter in the highest European quality. We can also develop products to your requirements.

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