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Advantageous set for nail modeling with UV / LED gel. It contains all necessary products.

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The set contains:

  • Luxray - L2 UV LED lamp 48W
  • Universal primer 11 ml
  • Cuticle remover 11 ml
  • wooden stick
  • Nail Cleaner 100 ml
  • Set of files Zebra mix
  • Paper nail form MUCHA - 100 pcs
  • Nail wapes roll 250 pcs
  • Brush No. 4 flat for gel
  • Cuticle oil


The latest generation of acrylic gel!

This transparent one phase gel is self-leveling and therefore does not require extensive filing after curing. It is a medium thick gel. The special formula in the formulation ensures perfect adhesion and high plasticity ensures long life, prevents gel flaking and cracking.

This gel is very suitable for the repair of broken nails and replenishment of grown nails. In addition, you no longer need TOP gel because after curing this gel shines with a high gloss. With the content of fiberglass in the product the customer does not feel burning in the lamp, it can be cured in UV and LED lamp. It is also suitable for beginners.

Curing time in UV lamp 2 minutes in LED lamp 30 sec.

  • single-phase gel
  • special production formulas
  • acrylic strength
  • gel does not burn in the lamp
  • suitable for repairing broken nails and adding outgrown nails
  • TOP gel is not needed
  • suitable for beginners

Acid-free, hypoallergenic.



1. Disinfect hands thoroughly before modeling
2. Prepare the nail for nail modeling by removing the nail cuticle and confusing the nail surface with a file 180/180. Shorten your nail and insert the nail template, ensuring the correct slope of the template.
3. Clean your fingernail with a cleaner, apply a universal primer, let it air dry
4. Apply the gel with which we model both the nail structure and the shape of the nail directly on the nail template, it cures in a UV / LED lamp. Wipe off the effusion.
5. Cut the nail to the desired shape with a 100/100 file and then thoroughly dust off.
6. The finished nail can simply be painted or used with gellak, rocklak or other nail art.

UV / LED lamp 30-60 sec
UV lamp 2 min
Professional UV LED lamp for polymerization of gel, gel lac, one step and polygel materials professional nail cosmetics. The L2 model is contruovan so that it can quickly and evenly proofread even the toughest UV / LED Builder gels, has 4 buttons - ON / OFF / 99S (low temperature mode), 60S, 30S, 10S, which further differentiate timer settings. After launching the lamp, the ON / OFF button allows you to switch to low-temperature 99S mode, then the force increases gradually further, bringing a solution for possible nail burning in the hardening of some builder gels. The lamp has infrared sensors that are triggered by putting the hand in the lamp, the maximum hardening time being automatically set to 120S. The display shows a time of 10S, 30S, 60S and 99S counting down.

Technical parameters:

  • Number of bulbs: 30 LED
  • Performance:48W
  • Dimensions: 22cm x 195cm x 10.5cm
  • Wave length: 365 + 405nm
  • Packaging: White box
  • Packaging contains: UV / LED lamp and electrical cable with input adapter 100-240Vac 50 / 60Hz 1A output DC 24V 1.5A
  • Health risks: The UV light of the lamp is not harmful to the eyes, but never look directly into the UV light source.

Technical markings: 

  1. Infrared sensor
  2. Light indicator
  3. On / OFF and 24W / 48W switch
  4. 5s timer
  5. 30s timer
  6. 60s timer
  7. Adapter input

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